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If you live in Massachusetts or elsewhere around New England, you may already know the importance of residential garage door winterizing. Massachusetts winters can be unforgiving, and taking a few steps to winterize your garage door now can save you a lot of headaches later. Here are some of the benefits of residential garage door winterizing.

What Is Winterizing?

Winterizing is simply the process of preparing your garage for winter. While your garage door may be built to withstand the harsh temperatures and weather conditions that come with the winter months, you want your garage door to be operating at top efficiency throughout the winter and for it to come out of the winter working as well as it did before the cold weather hit. To do that, you need proper winterizing for your garage door.

The main focus of winterizing is making sure your garage door is properly insulated against the cold weather and that any existing insulation has not worn out or become ineffective in some way, and replacing or repairing it if it has. However, another aspect of winterizing is making sure all the parts of your garage door system are working correctly and are properly lubricated, as cold weather can dramatically accelerate the demise of parts that have not been properly cared for.

Benefits of Winterizing

If your insulation is not functioning properly, you may not even realize it. However, you will realize it when your heating bill comes and it’s dramatically higher than it has been in the past. Proper winterization now can mean massive energy savings later. Also, if you work in your garage, you don’t want to find out that cold air is leaking in when winter has already struck. Taking care of it in the warm months means you don’t have to suffer in the winter.

With respect to your parts, cold weather damage to your garage door system is usually easily avoided with proper tightening and lubrication. Winterizing is not only an opportunity to protect your garage door system from a premature breakdown due to cold — it’s also a good chance to get in some regular garage door maintenance and to identify any problems that could occur with your garage door system regardless of weather.

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If you’re going to winterize your residential garage door, and you should, you want to do it right the first time. Let the professionals at Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. handle your residential garage door winterizing in Massachusetts or the general New England area. Our professionals are experts in winterizing and servicing garage doors. We’ve been in business since 1982 and our garage door technicians have seen it all. We can quickly and affordably winterize your garage door so you can enjoy the winter with the peace of mind that your garage door is protecting you as it should and ready to ride out even a harsh New England winter.

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