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One of the main distinctions between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors comes down to frequency of use. Most residential garage doors go through, at most, a couple of cycles each day. One or two people in the household open and close the door when leaving for work and again when they come home, and that’s about it.

Commercial garage doors may open and close many times a day: when new inventory comes in, when shipments go out or when employees arrive or leave. Therefore, commercial garage door parts wear out much more quickly and commercial garage door service needs are more common.

In addition, the consequences of a faulty commercial garage door can be much more drastic. While a non-functioning residential garage door can be a serious problem, a non-functioning commercial garage door can be catastrophic, costing an untold amount of money as workflow is slowed to a crawl or a halt while the problem is resolved.

For this reason, for commercial garage door service in Massachusetts, it’s crucial to have an expert like Marathon Door in your corner.

Common Commercial Garage Door Service Issues

  • Garage Door Will Not Open: If your commercial garage door will not open, you have a big problem. Deliveries can’t get in, shipments can’t get out and employees who normally come in through the garage need to be re-routed. There are a number of reasons why a commercial garage door might not open, and it’s important to have a professional come in as soon as possible to assess the problem so the door can get going again.
  • Garage Door Will Not Close: In many ways, this is worse than a door that will not open. If your garage door will not close, your entire inventory, and possibly your entire business, is exposed not only to the elements, but to the world. This makes it easy for unauthorized personnel to come in and out, possibly resulting in theft or damage to your property.
  • Garage Door Stuck Halfway: This may be worst of all. You have all the problems of a door that will not close, plus a massive safety issue, as any person or object under the door could be badly hurt or damaged if it suddenly decides to come crashing down. This is a problem you must resolve immediately.
  • Garage Door Opener Not Working Properly: This can manifest in a number of ways, including any of the aforementioned problems as well as the door being extremely noisy when opening or closing intermittently. If your garage door opener is a problem, you need someone who knows how to fix it.

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Fortunately, Marathon Door has expert technicians who are well-versed in handling all of these problems. In operation since 1982, Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. has earned a reputation as the go-to company for commercial garage door service because of our high-quality service and fair prices. If you’ve got a problem with a commercial garage door, contact Marathon Door for service right away.