Designer Door

Designer Door® Garage Doors From Marathon Door & Glass, Inc.

At Marathon Door & Glass, Inc., we know garage door installation. And one of the primary rules of great garage door installation is to make sure you’re installing a great garage door. It’s for that reason that Marathon Door is a proud Designer Door® seller in Massachusetts and throughout New England.

We offer Designer Door® garage doors to New England residents because we know our customers are looking for doors that are high-quality, that look great and that they can rely on. As part of our commitment to being the most trusted name in garage door installation, Designer Door® garage door installation fits right in with our mission.

When you call Marathon Door for Designer Door® installation in Massachusetts, you get exactly what you would expect: distinctive custom and semi-custom doors that look incredible, increase your property’s curb appeal and delight your friends and family members alike. These designer doors are New England’s finest, and truly live up to the Designer Door® name.

Types of Designer Door® Garage Doors for Massachusetts and Other New England Residents

We know you need a garage door that matches your personal sensibility and style. As a long-time Designer Door® seller in New England, we’ve got a variety of great Designer Door® options and styles to choose from, including:

  • Timbercraft: When only the natural feel and look of real wood will do, these wood garage doors are made with clear grade Western Red Cedar in a variety of styles and customization options, including the sliding garage door style, swing look, tri-fold, Tuscan style and more.
  • Woodscapes: Semi-custom garage doors that look like they swing, slide or fold open but actually operate like a modern, convenient overhead garage door. Customizable with seven different styles, decorative trim and window options, and available in Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar or African Mahogany.
  • Legendary Collection: Ultra-custom wood garage doors with solid Douglas Fir I-Frame or E-Frame construction and a proven moisture control system. These incredibly high-quality doors are designed to last much longer than your ordinary garage door.

Trust Marathon Door for Your New England Designer Door® Installation

Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. believes you deserve the best when it comes to your garage door and garage door installation. If a designer wood door is what you’ve been searching for, you’ve found it here. Come check out our array of Designer Door® doors and decide which one is just right for you, and we’ll be happy to come right down and install it for you.

If you’re ready for a beautiful new garage door, there’s no reason to waste any time. We’ll install your new door fast and at prices that are friendly to a wide range of budgets. For more information about Designer Door® garage doors, or to learn more about any of Marathon Door’s products and services or for a free estimate, contact Marathon Door today.