Shower Glass & Mirrors

New Glass Door and Shower Installation With Marathon Door & Glass, Inc.

Nothing makes a bathroom look new and inviting like a quality glass door for your shower. Glass shower doors are a vast improvement over shower curtains, since they don’t collect mold, look better and are easier to clean.

If you’re putting in a shower door for your bathroom, we urge you to contact Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. — the experts in shower enclosure installation in Massachusetts. When contracting for shower glass installation in New England, it’s very important to call in experienced professionals. A poorly installed glass shower door may not open or close properly, or may allow leaks.

Marathon Door has the experts to make sure there are no leaks, everything is sealed and the door opens and closes smoothly and quietly every time. While we’re there, we also perform quality mirror installation in Massachusetts and throughout New England, so if you’ve been looking for a new shower door as well as quality mirror installation in New England, you’ve found your one-stop shop.

The Marathon Door Reputation for Quality

Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. has been in business since 1982, and we’ve installed many garage doors, entry doors, glass shower doors and mirrors along the way. We’ve been in business so long because of our reputation for quality and our commitment to customer service. We think you’ll find our combination of great service and modest prices will beat any other door installer in New England.

At Marathon Door, we can help you choose the glass shower door that will best fit your bathroom and the décor of your home and tell you the exact steps we will take to install it. We offer free estimates, too, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before we start working.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have a beautiful new shower that you love getting into, using and getting out of every day.

The Highest Level of Customer Service for Your Shower Door or Mirror Installation

When you call Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. to install your glass shower door or mirror, you’ll not only appreciate our skilled technicians — you’ll also appreciate our customer service. We know it’s not easy or desirable to have strangers making a racket in your bathroom all day.

That’s why our installers show up on time, are always courteous, tell you exactly what they’re going to do and how they are going to do it, and get to work as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. They get the job done quickly, make sure it’s done right and then leave you with a great new shower door or mirror to enjoy.

Contact Marathon Door for Your New Shower Door or Mirror Installation Now

If you’ve been holding back on a new glass shower door or mirror installation in Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England area because of concerns about inconvenience or price, let Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. show you why we’ve been trusted to install so many new glass shower doors and mirrors in the New England areas over the years. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule service today.