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Choosing to install a new garage door or entry door is a big decision. When it comes to new door installation in Massachusetts and throughout New England, you need a company you can trust. Whether you’re starting out in a new home, renovating your home or arranging a new entry door for your commercial operation, the door you choose and how you choose to install it can set an important tone.

A poor-quality door that needs frequent repairs, or a door that’s poorly installed so that you need service frequently to get it to work correctly, will cause increased stress and a loss of time and money.

For Great Service and Prices on New Door Installation in New England, Call Marathon Door

That’s why, when you’re ready for new garage door installation in New England, it’s time to call Marathon Door & Glass, Inc. Marathon Door have been masters of door installation in New England since 1982. You won’t find greater value when it comes to quality of service and price.

Great garage door and entry door installation starts with great doors, which is why we offer the finest Clopay® and Designer Door® garage doors for your garage. These doors come in a wide variety of materials, styles and customization options and are well-known as some of the highest-quality garage doors available anywhere.

Then there’s the installation itself. Marathon Door & Glass employs some of the most knowledgeable and experienced garage door professionals in the New England area. Our garage door technicians are all trained on the Clopay® and Designer Door® garage doors we offer and know the fastest and safest ways to install these doors while making sure they function at optimal efficiency.

There are several reasons why it pays to hire the right company for your new garage door installation in New England:

  • Time: If you have garage door installers who know what they’re doing, it shouldn’t take very long at all. Installers who take days to put your door in — invading your personal space and wasting your time — are not what you need.
  • Job Quality: If your installers do put your door in fast, but it stops working as soon as they leave, that doesn’t help you either. You need a company that does the job right the first time and doesn’t leave until it’s done.
  • Appearance: A garage door that isn’t installed right doesn’t look right. One of the reasons we recommend Clopay® and Designer Door® garage doors for your home or business is because of their athletic qualities. They look good, fit in with your property’s décor and improve curb appeal. Poorly installed, poor-quality doors have the opposite effect.

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Marathon Door and Glass, Inc. gives you high-quality door installation that looks great and works the way it’s supposed to. We won’t leave we’re sure we’ve done the job completely and that we’ve answered any questions you might have. And for all this, you’ll be surprised at how reasonable our prices are.

To find out more or for a free estimate, contact Marathon Door today.