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Advanced Construction and Weather Resistance

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Pioneer: Legendary Doors by Designer Doors

Our handcrafted Pioneer garage doors offer luxury and unlimited custom options while providing unparalleled strength and beauty. Developed with pride in Wisconsin, these doors have been tested and proven for more than 25 years. Here in the Midwest, we know something about weather extremes. It's not unusual to have dry, bitterly cold winter days - with temperatures near or below zero - followed by blazing summers with 100° days and high humidity. Year after year, our doors can stand up to the extremes of this region and any other.

Not only are our doors constructed to withstand extreme weather events, they also are built to handle everyday weather. Consider the superb technology in our moisture control system: impervious sealants, beveled trim board, integrated drip cap, built-in ventilation. And that’s just the beginning. This door sheds water brilliantly and helps prevent pooling, maximizing the life of the door.

Naturally, we’ll craft any wood you want into any style of door you want. Our design specialists will work with you to develop the door that's not only architecturally perfect for your home, but also perfect for the weather in your area. We’ll also craft custom entryway doors, shutters, and gates—unifying your vision with harmonious architectural aesthetics.

Pioneer At A Glance

  • cope-stick.jpgSolid non-finger jointed Douglas Fir frame for superior stability
  • Rugged cope and stick joinery with pocket hole screws for maximum durability
  • Proven moisture control system for longer life
  • 1 3/8” polystyrene insulation core for added insulation value
  • Trim boards on the garage door echo or contrast with other patterns found on the home’s exterior
  • Trim variations—horizontal and vertical boards, cross-bucks, half-bucks, curved half-bucks
  • Premium waterproof exterior adhesive, stainless steel fasteners
  • High humidity/insect resistant packages

Pioneer Colored Iso